Hellcard is a cooperative roguelike deckbuilder that can be played in both multiplayer and singleplayer modes. The game is set in the same world as a papercraft pop-up Book of Demons and can be described as a spin-off sequel. It continues the main storyline and it also features a completely different core mechanics.

The main mode is the three- or two-player co-op multiplayer. Players hold their ground in the middle of the map and play their cards which affect the map itself, allies, and enemies. This is yet another unique feature besides the co-op multiplayer - spatial oriented card mechanics. Cards can be played on the map creating area effects or moving enemies around.

There are three base classes at this point, each with unique cards and many different "builds" that players can aim for during their runs in the dungeons. This, combined with randomized enemies and encounters makes for high and lasting replayability.

Between battles, players can rest in campsites, use found artifacts, and explore cleared floors for story events and loot. Even the story events themselves are planned as cooperative multiplayer experiences.

Artwise, the game shares the style with award-winning Book of Demons while adding a personal twist in the form of a large number of illustrations and, of course, numerous new enemies, cards, and dungeon objects.

Cooperative roguelike deckbuilding games are rare and Hellcard has already gathered a lovely and lively community. The game also earned a spot in Steam's top wishlisted even before any real marketing efforts started.


December 5th 2019 - Helcard Announced

The day has come! In the spirit of the annual update we decided to announce both Hellcard and Book of Aliens. Hellcard was received well by Book of Demons fans. [Read more]

June 20th 2020 - The first public multiplayer tests

Since Hellcard is going to be a multiplayer game, it's crucial to get the netcode right. Testing raw net code is no fun, which is why we are doing that on a pre-alpha Hellcard prototype. [Read more]


  • Its main mechanics revolve around deckbuilding and fast-paced tactical turn-based card battles
  • Can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes
  • Cooperative roguelike deckbuilder with up to three heroes facing Archdemon’s hordes
  • Solo players can recruit computer-controlled companions
  • Monster placement actually matters and can be used to player's advantage


Hellcard - Short Gameplay Preview (Pre-Alpha Demo)YouTube

Hellcard - Gameplay Preview (Pre-Alpha Demo)YouTube



[Thing Trunk] Transforming a card game into the card game – the road from Book of Demons to Hellcard
Our first game, Book of Demons, wasn’t what kids call a real card game. It used cards because they aligned thematically with the pop-up book design, but those weren’t playing cards per se. Hellcard is our way of saying, “but what if we made a true CCG?". [Read more] -

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Thing Trunk is an small game development studio and a creative team behind Book of Demons, the deck-building hack and slash, where it's the player who decides the length of levels. Thing Trunk is also the team behind Return 2 Games - a series of original mid-core games inspired by the golden days of PC gaming.
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Filip Starzyński
Co-Founder / Producer / Future Sax Virtuoso
Konstanty Kalicki
Co-Founder / Senior Programmer / Creative Person
Maciej Biedrzycki
Co-Founder / Chief Game Architect / Strategy Overseer
Krzysztof Rutkowski
Programmer and Linux enthusiast
Adam Mirkowski
Game designer and the creative soul of our team
Mateusz Śliwakowski
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Małgorzata Jesionowska
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Magda Leszczyńska
The first half of the art department...
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