Thing Trunk
Based in Warsaw, Poland

Founding date:
August 14, 2012


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Book Of Demons


Thing Trunk is an small game development studio and a creative team behind Book of Demons, the upcoming deck-building hack and slash, where it's the player who decides the length of levels. Thing Trunk is also the team behind Return 2 Games - a series of original mid-core games inspired by the golden days of PC gaming.


The studio was founded by 3 guys, who are known for engineering their games to their fullest: Maciej Biedrzycki (co-founder of Codeminion), Konstanty Kalicki, and Filip Starzyński (founders of Twinbottles). Having created many successful games at their previous companies (most notably Saqqarah, Magic Match, Brunhilda, Phantasmat) and a few unintended flops (let’s not put the names here) they quickly became disappointed with the miring trends in the casual games market. They scrapped their former brands and together founded Thing Trunk to focus solely on the ambitious Return 2 Games idea.



Return 2 Games Manifesto YouTube

Return 2 Games Teaser YouTube

Book of Demons Reveal Trailer YouTube

Book of Demons is available on Steam Early Access! YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "The concept behind the Return 2 Games seven-part retrological makes me want to love it even more."
      - Josh Vanderwall, The Escapist
    • "Over the course of the next 12 years, Kalicki and Starzynski taught over 300 students how to make games, some (but not all) of whom went on to found their own companies or work at one of the major Polish game developers, like CD Projekt Red or Techland."
      - Russ Pitts, Polygon

    Return 2 Games Manifesto
    It’s not easy for us to explain the whole spectrum of emotions that, over the years, have built inside us and later became the foundation for R2G. So, we’ve decided to present it in a different way – an animated manifesto. thingtrunk.com.

    Revealing your game can be a nightmare - an emotional postmortem of Book of Demons announcement
    Imagine for a moment that one day in your life you had an idea. The greatest idea of your life. And then suddenly, after a few years of hard, sometimes impossible work, you realize that you are quite close and you gain confidence in yourself. There’s just one problem – the last obstacle in your way is marketing, something different from the ones you tackled. Something you dreaded for all these years and foolishly hoped it wouldn’t come. It’s just like an almost impossible-to-beat end boss in a game and you just have one heart left… thingtrunk.com.

    Defining Mid-core games and why they matter
    There is a lot of fuss about mid-core games and even debate if the term itself should exist in the first place. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about, please seat comfortably, enjoy a nice hot mug of tea and spare a couple of minutes reading our post about our definition of mid-core games. thingtrunk.com.

    What is the R2G Supporter's Bundle?
    If you’ve seen Book of Demons, our game, you might have come across an information that it’s the first installment in the Return 2 Games series. You might also have noticed that apart from purchasing the game for ca. $20, you can opt to pay more and become an official R2G Supporter. But what does it exactly mean? thingtrunk.com.

    Return 2 Games Music Theme - Live orchestra on an indie budget
    So basically, you pay a 100 bucks, and get a 7 minute professional recording of a live orchestra playing your music. As you can probably guess, we were instantly sold on the idea. We really didn’t know what to expect, but we wanted to try it out. thingtrunk.com.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Filip Starzyński
    Co-Founder / Producer / Future Sax Virtuoso

    Konstanty Kalicki
    Co-Founder / Senior Programmer / Creative Person

    Maciej Biedrzycki
    Co-Founder / Chief Game Architect / Strategy Overseer

    Krzysztof Rutkowski
    Programmer and Linux enthusiast

    Adam Buczek
    Web Developer and artistic soul of the team

    Ignacy Ruksza
    Additional programming and console port fighter

    Małgorzata Barkowska
    Level content creator. Feeds on functional bugs


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